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Creator Designer Multidisciplinary Art & fashion Feminist activist Anti-patriarchal Unapologetic Visionary

La Pimbêche

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La Pimbêche

La Pimbêche is first and foremost a visual artist, also founder of her own brand featuring her artwork through a variety of products. Through her art, La Pimbêche shares her mindset, her way of thinking and her way of being. La Pimbêche's mission is to create on the vaste subject of intersectional feminism in order to inspire confidence, respect, optimism and acceptance, to contribute to a world that stand-up for love, equality and inclusion. You can see this mission clearly represented in each design and creation by this local artist that then becomes various unique and fabulous products

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La Pimbêche defines herself as a multidisciplinary visual artist who works mainly with textile painting, screen printing and clothing processing. Under the eco-responsible strategy, the artist transforms recycled denim using several techniques and mediums such as acrylic paint, aerosol and heat transfer vinyl.

Renowned for the combination of art and fashion, La Pimbêche re-appropriates denim in the form of a garment by claiming and deconstructing the fabric to create a unique work. The garment then becomes the canvas, as well as the vehicle, for her artwork.

La Pimbêche


 Exhibits - La Pimbêche


La Pimbêche was pleased to be part of different collective and solo exhibitions such as the display window concept at the Citizen Vintage boutique in Montreal. The exhibition included custom artwork for the boutique, an opening event, a month-long solo exhibition of her most recent art series and full merchandise pop-up in store.

 Denim collection  - La Pimbêche

Denim collection

La Pimbêche is commissioned to create unique denim jackets for her clientele. These custom jackets are made on thrift jackets and hand-painted with fabric acrylic paint. Each jacket is original artwork created by the artist La Pimbêche and handmade. The denim jacket then becomes the canvas for the artwork, allowing the person that’s wearing it to spread its message.

Oracle - La Pimbêche


The 62 affirmation cards are unique artwork created intuitively by the artist La Pimbêche. Having herself used these affirmations in her own journey, it was only natural for La Pimbêche to share with the world this essential tool for the practice of self-love. Our Badass Manifestor oracle deck cards are primarily intended to help anyone on their journey in awakening their inner strength and becoming the baddest version of themselves!

About the brand

La Pimbêche is so much more than a brand. It is a mindset, a way of thinking and a way of being. La Pimbêche's mission is to inspire confidence, respect, optimism and acceptance, in order to contribute to a world that stand-up for love, equality and inclusion. You can see this mission clearly represented on each unique designs and fabulous products by this local brand. La Pimbêche is also so much more than a company. It is a creative platform that supports the social debates we face every day. La Pimbêche wants her messages and beliefs to travel so they reach as many people as possible, and for her, creating products and collections is a perfect way to allow her artworks to do so.

La Pimbêche is a local online brand that offers lifestyle products featuring the original artwork of the visual artist, illustrator and founder of the brand. La Pimbêche offers a wide variety of products such as posters, accessories and apparel all designed in our Montreal workshop. Our products are made with the intent of promoting values of love, equality and inclusion.

La Pimbêche

Photo credit: Yung Phil com, Fashion & Design Festival 2021

We want to make our messages travel in the hope that they reach as many people as possible in order to contribute to a better world, and for us, the creation of products is a perfect means of expression to do this.